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INTI University International Scholarship for International Students 2023

To those searching for scholarship opportunities and how to go about them, you are in the right place, and it is INTI University Scholarship. In this article, we will give you a run-down of this scholarship, reasons why you should consider grabbing this opportunity, and the full step-by-step approach to getting this scholarship. 

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The INTI University Scholarship is an International Educational Scholarship that was established in 2010. It was established to encourage students who wish to further their studies outside their home country, and also to give them an opportunity to obtain first class education that is carried out by the educational scholarships. 

This scholarship opportunity opens yearly to international students to study in any of the partnered universities in the United Kingdom. The INTI University scholarship is sponsored by INTI international institutions and colleges, and it is offered to secondary school leavers to obtain a bachelor degree in the partnered institution. Now let’s talk about why you should consider applying for this scholarship:

  • ·      The programs available and offered by INTI are widely acknowledged. The programs are over 100 approved by the educational agency.
  • ·      The partnered Universities involved are highly graded which gives the students opportunity to acquire standard education.
  • ·         The United Kingdom is indeed a safe environment for learning to students while appreciating the things UK has to give.
  • ·         The partnered universities earlier mentioned are;

Brief Description of INTI University International Scholarship

  • University: Any of the partnered Universities
  • University Location: United Kingdom
  • Scholarship Award Number: Up to about 45% highest
  • Course Level: Bachelor (Undergraduate) degree 
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Scholarship Type: Not stated
  • Scholarship Duration: Depends on the students’ choice of programme
  • Scholarship Deadline: Not stated

Criteria for applying for the INTI University International Scholarship

  • ·      The INTI University International Scholarship is open to international applicants only.
  • ·      Applicants must prove to be among the top students in their previous secondary school, having an outstanding academic record.
  • ·   Applicants must show self-skill which involves the ability to motivate someone, the ability to persevere, and the ability to understand one’s feelings.
  • ·     To apply for this scholarship, international applicants are advised to use their up-to-date official results.
  • ·      Applicants are entitled to just one of this scholarship in this prospectus.
  • ·      Applicants are to note that the INTI University International Scholarship are given on the basis of ‘the early bird catches the worm’.
  • ·       All applications must be submitted on time as late entry will not be accepted.
  • ·     Furthermore, applicants are to note also that the selection processes are not judged on the applicants’ ability to meet the required criteria for this scholarship but the entire selection processes are carried out by the INTI International Higher Institution and Colleges. 

Documents required to apply for the INTI University International Scholarship

  • ·      Applicants’ original secondary school results and certificates.
  • ·      Applicants’ passport with a maximum period of 12 months that hasn’t expired yet.
  • ·      Applicants’ original copy of letter of visa approval and a single-entry visa.
  • ·    Applicants must show a test result of yellow fever vaccination. This test result is applicable to African citizenship.

Procedures to follow to apply for the INTI University International Scholarship

  • ·      Applicants are to submit all application forms online as the entire application procedures are done online.
  • ·      After that, selected applicants will be sent an acceptance letter from the scholarship agency.
  • ·      Then, the selected applicants will have to get ready to begin their international learning in any of the partnered institutions in the United Kingdom.

For more information on INTI university scholarship for international students, please visit the official link here.

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