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Melbourne University Research Scholarship for International Students 2023

As an international student? Are you looking for scholarship opportunities to further your education in Australia? Then this article is for you and you may be the lucky one to gain this scholarship. Before we tell you about this scholarship available in Australia, let us give you some reasons why Australia is widely chosen by international students to study.

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Determining to study outside your home country is a huge decision, not to talk of leaving your family and friends behind. There are lots of challenges that comes with it. But not to worry, there are various opportunities that comes with studying in Australia.

  • ·      When it comes to quality Universities, Australia is widely known for that, with six (6) of its universities placed among the top 100 internationally prominent institutions.
  • ·      Australia is famous when it comes to culture. The total sum of cultures available in Australia creates the opportunity of experiencing new way of life.
  • ·     Some Australian Universities are known to be top Universities in the world, hence the offer different major programs and degrees.
  • ·    There are some Australian Universities that offers job opportunities to their students at the completion of their program. You just have to contact your institution to know the basic steps to follow.
  • ·      Australians also speak English, and that makes it trouble-free to international English-speaking students to cope.
  • ·      Australia as a country also offers short-term visa for graduates that permits international students to continue their stay in Australia and also work.

Now that we have listed some reasons why you should consider studying in Australia, let us tell you about one of the scholarship opportunities available in Australia. Melbourne University Research Scholarship is a scholarship program that is approved and financed by Melbourne University to assist exceptional research scholars both in Australia and outside the country to further study in one of its reputable Universities. The scholarship is open to both its citizens and international students who wish to purse a Master’s and Ph.D. degree at Melbourne University. The scholarship is fully funded as it covers the following expenses;

  • ·      Tuition fees coverage for two years for students pursuing a Master’s degree, and for four years for the Ph.D. students.
  • ·      Accommodation allowance of $32,400 yearly for two (2) years for the Master’s students and also for 3.5 years for the Ph.D. students in proportion to 2022 study rate.
  • ·      Moving allowance of $3,000 for students transferring from the States besides Victoria, and $3,000 for students transferring from outside of Australia.
  • ·      Medical health insurance coverage for the international students.

Brief Description of Melbourne University Research Scholarship

  • University: University of Melbourne
  • University Location: Australia
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded
  • Course Level: Master’s and Ph.D. levels
  • Scholarship Award Number: About 350
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Scholarship Duration: Two (2) years for the Master’s students and Four (4) years for the Doctorate students
  • Deadline for the Scholarship: It varies depending on the student’s  selected course.

Melbourne University offers the following academic fields of study and Majors for the Master’s and the Ph.D. students:

  • ·      Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ·      Education
  • ·      Business and Economics
  • ·      Architecture, Building, Planning and Design
  • ·      Health
  • ·      Environment
  • ·      Engineering
  • ·      Law
  • ·      Information Technology and Computer Science
  • ·      Veterinary, Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • ·      Science
  • ·      Music, Visual and Performing Arts

Criteria for applying for Melbourne University Research Scholarship

  • ·      The scholarship is open to all nationalities.
  • ·      To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must apply and meet the basic entry requirements for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree at the University, or applicants are enrolled currently at the University.
  • ·      Applicants must have been offered admission to study at Melbourne University.
  • ·      Applicants must possess vital academic records to be able to study at the University.
  • ·      The scholarship is a merit-based program as applicants will be awarded this scholarship under the following achievements;
    • §  Applicants must possess research potentials in their selected fields of learning.
    • §  Applicants must provide recommendations from their referees.
    • §  Applicants must have competent research experience.
    • §  Applicants must also show some research skills illustrated through some thesis and publications.

Procedures to follow to apply for the Melbourne University Research Scholarship

There is no special application for this scholarship. However, applicants are immediately considered for this scholarship program when they apply to study at   Melbourne University under their choice of course. For steps on how to submit application for a Master’s and Ph.D. degree at the University, kindly visit the how to apply page for more details.

To get more facts on Melbourne University Research Scholarship, visit the Student support page to find emails and a staff to communicate with about the scholarship. You can also visit the University Website officially to know more about the scholarship and how to apply. Application procedures for this scholarship is easy and easy to comprehend. Just follow through the steps mentioned above to gain the scholarship. 

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