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MAWISTA Scholarship for International Students 2023

Are you an international student, hoping to gain scholarship to study outside your home town? Then you are in the right place and this article is surely for you. One of the places you should consider studying outside your country is Germany. Why?

  • ·      Germany is a breeding place to both the German and International students. There are also English learning and speaking Universities with free tuition fees. Each year, about 300,000 international students apply to study in Germany.
  • ·      The cost of studying in Germany as an undergraduate is totally free even as an international student. There is no registration fee in Germany, and you can undergo your education free of charge even to your postgraduate level.
  • ·      Germany is indeed known to be a non-speaking country but it has the best graded institutions in the world. Aside from having the most ranked institutions in the world, the Government of Germany is very committed to the higher learning institutions.
  • ·      In Germany, International students have the period of about one year and six months to remain in the country after their graduation, especially those aspiring to work in the country.
  • ·      Life generally in Germany is unquestionably magnificent. Irrespective of students’ choice of career, there are still opportunities available.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there are also variety of scholarships one can gain to study at any University in Germany. One of them is the MAWISTA Scholarship program. 

MAWISTA Scholarship image
Mawista Scholarship program is open to all international students especially to students with a child or single parent, who are ready to keep aspiring in life and not ready to give up in academics and life. The scholarship is focused on the student’s personal background, personality and career, and not on the student’s grade points. The scholarship is open to students to pursue an Undergraduate, Graduate and Post graduate degrees at any University in Germany, who wish to study the following courses;

  • ·      Architecture and Construction
  • ·      Administration
  • ·      Agriculture, Biology and Animal Sciences
  • ·      Chemistry
  • ·      Design and Graphic Design
  • ·      Environment
  • ·      Geography and Outer Space
  • ·      Education
  • ·      Engineering
  • ·      Energy
  • ·      Economics and Business
  • ·      Law
  • ·      Languages
  • ·      International Affairs
  • ·      History and Anthropology
  • ·      Human Rights
  • ·      Media, Marketing and PR
  • ·      Society
  • ·      Religion
  • ·      Politics
  • ·      Physics and Math
  • ·      Military and Security
  • ·      Sport and Fitness
  • ·      Arts, Video and Photography
  • ·      Transportation
  • ·      Tourism and Hospitality
  • ·      Medicine
  • ·      Nursing and Psychology

We will write down the details of Mawista Scholarship below.

Brief Description of Mawista Scholarship Program

  • University: Any University in Germany
  • University Location: Germany
  • Course Level: Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded
  • Scholarship Duration: Deppends on the student’s choice of study
  • Scholarship Award Number: One (1), with a one-time payment of 3,000
  • Deadline for Scholarship: 16th January, 2023

Mawista Scholarship Program Coverage

  • ·      Student’s tuition fees
  • ·      Cost of living expenses
  • ·      Miscellaneous
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Mawista Scholarship program criteria to be eligible

  • ·      Mawista scholarship organization is searching for students with a child or a single parent who is ready to pursue their dreams of studying or completing their studies.
  • ·     Applicants who are already enrolled outside their country are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants who need financial assistance can as well apply for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants must show motivation in order to be eligible to be a Mawista Scholarship awardee.
  • ·      The Mawista scholarship is mainly focused on single parent.
  • ·      To be eligible for this scholarship, the organization’s primary focus is on the applicant’s personal background, personality, career and history. 

Procedures for the application for Mawista Scholarship

  • ·  Application for this scholarship is done online, hence applicants are advised to send their application form alongside their résumé to the following mail address;
  • ·      The scholarship also requires a different external application from the applicants.
  • ·    Additionally, international students who has a child and willing to manage their education in Germany have a chance also to apply for this scholarship. 

Mawista dates for application processes

  • ·      Final deadline for the application – 16th January, 2023. Hence, applicants are advised to apply on or before 15/01/2023.
  • ·   Final selection for successful applicants – 30th January, 2023. After which the MAWISTA scholarship panel will pick out the top 5 aspirants.
  • ·      General elections. The successful winner will be selected through general election which would commence on 1st February, 2023 and stop on 15th February, 2023.

For more facts about Mawista Scholarship and the step-by-step procedures on how to apply for this scholarship, kindly visit the official scholarship web page on You can also contact them though the following mail address;

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