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Australian National University Scholarship for International Students 2023

Are you a graduate or post graduate student looking for scholarship opportunities available in Australia to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree? Then we assure you that you are in the right place. 

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Some of you may have come across the Australian National University Scholarship while some may not but in this article, we will tell you about it, the requirements needed and the step-by-step approach to getting the scholarship. But let’s first give you reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.

  • ·      Some Australian Universities are known to be top universities in the world, hence the offer different major programmes and degrees.
  • ·     There are some Australian Universities that offers job opportunities to their students at the completion of their programme. You just have to contact your institution to know the basic steps to follow.
  • ·      When it comes to quality Universities, Australia is widely known for that, with six (6) of its universities placed among the top 100 internationally prominent institutions.
  • ·      Australia is famous when it comes to culture. The total sum of cultures available in Australia creates the opportunity of experiencing new way of life.
  • ·          Australia as a country also offers short-term visa for graduates that permits international students to continue their stay in Australia and also work.

Now that we’ve given you some reasons why Australia should be your study destination, let us talk about the Australian National University (ANU) Scholarship. The Australian National University Scholarship is a scholarship scheme offered by Australian National University that is situated in Canberra, which is the capital of Australia. 

The University was founded in 1946 and since its existence, the University has known to be public research one. Australian National University (ANU) is considered to be Australia’s top University among other Universities and also one of the dominant Universities globally. 2022 QS World University Rankings placed the Australian National University at 27th among other higher learning institutions worldwide. 

The Australian National University offers scholarship yearly to international students to pursue a Masters or Doctorate degree at the University and this year, the scholarship is open to all international students. This scholarship is offered by the Australian Government and it is a fully funded scholarship program. It is known to be a very competitive scholarship scheme as it is awarded to students based on their previous academic exceptions. The duration for the scholarship program for the graduate students is two (2) years and four (4) years for the doctorate students.

A Brief Description of the Australian National University Scholarship

  • University: Australia National University
  • University Location: Australia
  • Course Level: Masters or Ph.D. level
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Scholarship Award Number: About 600
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded
  • Duration of Scholarship: Two (2) years for Masters program and four (4) years for Ph.D. program

Deadline for the Scholarship: The deadline for this scholarship is of different dates. Let us break down the dates for you.

Scholarship Round

Admission application closing date

Commencement Year

2023 Round 1 for international students

Closing 31st August, 2022


2023 Round 1 for Domestic students

Closing 31st October, 2022


2023 Round 2 for both International and Domestic students

Closing 15th April, 2023


The following programs are available for study:

  • ·      College of Law
  • ·      College of Science
  • ·      College of Arts and Social Sciences
  • ·      College of Asia and Pacific
  • ·      College of Business and Economics
  • ·      College of Engineering and Computer Science

Australian National University Scholarship Benefits

The ANU scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program; hence it covers the following expenses;

  • ·      Tuition fees
  • ·      Allowance for Airfare tickets
  • ·      Allowance for Thesis
  • ·      Course materials and books allowance
  • ·      A monthly allowance
  • ·      Accommodation allowance
  • ·      Medical Health Insurance coverage
  • ·      An allowance of 28,854 Australian Dollars yearly

Criteria for applying for the Australian National University Scholarship

  • ·      International and citizens of Australia are qualified to apply for this scholarship.
  • ·      For the graduate applicants, they must possess a Bachelor degree result. Then for the Ph.D. applicants, they must possess a Master’s degree certificate.
  • ·      The ANU scholarship is awarded to applicants with outstanding academic records, quality research results and previous research experience.
  • ·      Applicants must have the following English Language requirements;
    • §  Applicants from non-speaking English country are to have a minimum of 6.0 results of an IELTS exam.
    • §  For the TOEFL paper test score of 570, applicants should endeavor to have a TWE score of at least 4.5.
    • §  For the TOEFL internet test with a total score of 80, applicants should endeavor to have a minimum score of 20 in reading and writing, and a minimum score of 18 in speaking and listening.
    • §  For the Cambridge advanced English exam with a total score of 176, applicants should endeavor to have a minimum of 169.
    • §  For the PTE exam with a total of 64, applicants should endeavor to have a minimum score of 55 each in communicative skills.

The application procedures for the ANU scholarship are fully done online. Hence, applicants are advised to follow the steps carefully to apply for the scholarship. To know more about Australian National University Scholarship, kindly visit the school’s official scholarship page through this link; Visit Official Website

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