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Yale University Scholarship for International Students 2023 || Fully funded

Some of you may have come across Yale University Scholarship without knowing what it is all about. So in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Yale University, the scholarship it offers to international students, the requirements needed to gain the scholarship, and the necessary procedures. But first, let us talk about Yale University. 

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Yale University, which was founded in 1701 is regarded as one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the United States. The university is located in New Haven, Connecticut, and it has several conducive campuses for its students, in which the main campus is located in downtown, New Haven, and another campus is located in West Haven, all in America. 

Yale University is one of the schools any international student would want to go to if given an opportunity. The institution is placed among the list of top higher learning institutions worldwide, based on the quality level of education it offers to students. Every year, the university offers scholarships to students, both domestic and international students to undertake any course level in its institution, and this year, the scholarship is opened to all students who wish to undertake an undergraduate course, Master’s course, or Doctorate course. 

This scholarship is fully funded as it covers students’ academic fees, travel expenses, monthly stipends, and medical health insurance. Although the scholarship grant varies yearly, the standard amount rewarded is about $50,000. Before we take you down on the steps and requirements for the scholarship, let’s take a look at the programs in the school.

Below are the lists of programs available at Yale University;

  • ·      Biological Sciences Program
  • ·      Health and Medicine Program
  • ·      Engineering
  • ·      Physical Sciences
  • ·      Social Sciences
  • ·      Humanities

Apart from the general fully funded scholarship offered by the school, there are subcategories of scholarships also offered by the University and we will be listing them out for you. These are;

  • ·      Merit-Based Scholarships- This type of scholarship is awarded to the University’s students based on the student’s academic excellence, and extracurricular activities. These scholarships are fully sponsored by private-owned organizations, individuals, or charitable organizations.
  • ·      Entitlement Scholarships- This type of scholarship is awarded by the Federal Government of the country, the State Government of the state, or some other companies that are not associated with the University.

Brief Description of Yale University Scholarship:

  • Institution: Yale University
  • Institution Location: United States of America (USA)
  • Course Level: Undergraduate level, Master’s Level, and Ph.D. Level
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded
  • Eligibility: All International students
  • Scholarship Duration: Depends on the course of study
  • Deadline: December 15, 2022

Scholarship Benefits:

  • ·      As earlier stated, Yale University Scholarship is fully funded, that is to say, that it covers students’ tuition expenses, travel expenses, monthly allowance, and medical health insurance.
  • ·      Before a student is awarded the scholarship, the student’s family background is checked, in terms of financial capability, and capital, to know the amount of grant to be awarded to such a student.
  • ·      The standard scholarship amount is about $50,000, but the scholarship amount varies yearly.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • ·      An IELTS test is required, with a minimum score of seven (7).
  • ·      Also, a TOEFL test is required with a minimum score of 100, using the internet; 600, using paper; and 250, using a computer device.
  • ·      Either you are a citizen of the state or you are destitute.
  • ·      An ACT or SAT is again required from the applicant.
  • ·      The applicants’ parents should have been receiving aid from people or organizations at the time of applying for this scholarship.
  • ·      The applicant should either belong to any organization that renders financial assistance to students with low-budget status, whether it is a local one or a foreign one.
  • ·      Applicant is either homeless or staying in an adopted house before applying for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants must be a member or qualified to be accepted into the Federal free lunch program at the time of applying for the scholarship. 

Procedures to follow to apply for the Yale University Scholarship:

  • ·    Applicants are expected to present two letters of recommendation. The letters should best come from teachers who have taught the students in subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, English Language.
  • ·   The student’s transcripts or final results should be submitted either by the school’s head or the management.
  • ·      Applicant’s SAT scores are required.
  • ·      An IELTS test scores and TOEFL scores are also required to be submitted by the applicant.

The first-year applicants, who wish to undertake an undergraduate course should kindly press here for further application. While those intending to further their studies, i.e. the Master’s and Ph.D. applicants should click here for further application. 

For more information about Yale University Scholarship and also to stay updated about the scholarship, kindly visit the program’s official page on; Official Website

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