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University of Manitoba Scholarship for International Students 2023 || Fully funded

Some persons may have come across the University of Manitoba while surfing the internet, some may not, and some may be wondering what the University offers and its location. The University of Manitoba is a University in Canada that was established in 1877. It is a research institution, and it is regarded as the first established higher institution in Western Canada. 

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The University of Manitoba is known to be the most significant higher institution in the town of Manitoba, having its primary campus in the Fort Garry region and the rest of the campuses all over the city. The University is known for its esteem value in terms of research. The school is also known for the quality of education it instils in students. 

The University’s degrees are globally recognized and accepted. Every year, the University of Manitoba posts its scholarship for qualified, exceptional students who need scholarships to better their lives. The scholarship is fully funded and open not only to Canadian citizens and its residents but also to international students, irrespective of their gender, denomination, complexion, or financial background. The University of Manitoba scholarships are for students who apply to pursue undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and doctorate programs. The University has the following faculties for students who wish to study in the institution:

  • ·      Faculty of Engineering
  • ·      Faculty of Dentistry
  • ·      Faculty of Education
  • ·      Faculty of Architecture
  • ·      Faculty of Arts
  • ·      Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • ·      Faculty of Environment, Health, and Resources
  • ·      Asper School of Business
  • ·      Faculty of Human Ecology
  • ·      Faculty of Law
  • ·      Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
  • ·      Faculty of Medicine
  • ·      Faculty of Music
  • ·      Faculty of Nursing
  • ·      Faculty of Pharmacy
  • ·      Faculty of Science
  • ·      Faculty of Social Work

Benefits of University of Manitoba Scholarship:

  • ·      The scholarship, as earlier mentioned, is fully funded. Hence it covers students’ school fees, travel allowance, accommodation expenses, books expenses, food and study expenses, monthly budget, and medical health insurance.
  • ·   Every year, the University disburses a total amount of $240,000 for the scholarship program, which is shared equally between the awardees.

A Brief Description of the scholarship:

  • Host University: University of Manitoba
  • Host Country: Canada
  • Course Level: Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degree
  • Scholarship Duration: Depends on the applicant’s course of study
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded
  • Deadline for Scholarship: December 1, 2022

Scholarship Awards: The University of Manitoba awards and financial assistance are categorized differently. The awards are;

  • ·   A total number of 1600 students receive the scholarship in their first year of study at the University.
  • ·      Yearly, a total of $20 million is also disbursed.
  • ·      Yearly, a total of $8 million is given out for scholarship allowance.
  • ·      Since the commencement of this scholarship, a total of 2800 have been awarded this scholarship, even to this date. 

The requirements needed to be qualified for the University of Manitoba Scholarship:

  • ·      International students who wish to apply for this scholarship must possess solid and outstanding educational grades and records.
  • ·    For undergraduate applicants, they must be in their final year to be qualified to apply for this scholarship.
  • ·       All applicants are advised to round up their programs within the fall and winter seasons.
  • ·   For the first-year applicants are expected to have a minimum score of 70% in their previous secondary school.
  • ·      Applicants are expected to attain the minimum required course degree GPA of not less than 2.0.

Criteria for applying for the University of Manitoba Scholarship:

  • ·      All nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants applying to pursue an undergraduate degree must possess secondary school results and necessary certificates.
  • ·  Applicants applying to further study for a Master’s degree course are advised to possess a Bachelor’s degree certificate at the time of applying for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants applying for a Doctorate course must have a Master’s degree certificate.
  • ·      An IELTS or TOEFL certificate is also needed to apply for this scholarship.
  • ·      Applicants who previously attended an English language institution are excluded from taking the IELTS or TOEFL examination.
  • ·      Application for the University of Manitoba Scholarship is not made differently. 

Method of application:

  • ·      University of Manitoba Scholarship application form is accessed online.
  • ·   When applying for this scholarship, applicants must fully state their financial status and seek financial assistance while filling out the application form.
  • ·  Applicants who are awardees of any other scholarship (government student grants) should endeavor to present a copy of the grant offer to enable applicants eligible for this scholarship financial assistance.

Please visit the University of Manitoba website for further details about the scholarship. 

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