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Fulbright Scholarship for International Students 2022/2023 || Fully funded

A lot of you may not have heard about Full Bright Scholarship while some of you may have come across this scholarship type. This is the golden opportunity you all have been waiting for. In this article, you will come to know more about this scholarship, the benefits that come with it, and the ways that you should follow to apply for this scholarship.

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Full Bright Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program in the United States of America that is collectively sponsored by the United States Department in the U.S. it is the Government of the United states most important scholarship program, not only for its citizens but also for other countries, to strengthen universal oneness, universal ability using academically, cultural and skill-related mutual exchange. 

This scholarship program is open to all international students, regardless of their complexion, age, denomination, social status, physical ability, and gender. Full Bright Scholarship is aimed at creating room for different classes of students, to study in any university in the United States. 

This scholarship has been in existence since 1946, and it was established to help students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree course and a Ph.D. degree course in the country’s higher learning institution. As earlier said in this article, we will list some benefits associated with this scholarship.

Benefits of Full Bright Scholarship:

  • ·      The Full Bright Scholarship program finances graduate and Doctorate students who wish to study in any of the country’s universities, and who also wish to carry out some research too.
  • ·      The scholarship is renewable after the first year of learning.
  • ·      The scholarship is fully funded, hence it covers the students’ school fees, travel expenses, accommodation expenses, a monthly allowance for students’ upkeep, and medical health insurance.

Brief Description of Full Bright Scholarship:

  • University: United States of America Universities and Education Institution
  • Scholarship Location: U.S.A
  • Course Level: For Masters and Doctorate Degree
  • Study Fields:  For all academic fields
  • Scholarship Duration: This is based on the applicant’s choice of course
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Eligibility: International Students from 155 countries
  • Eligible Countries: For 155 countries only. Please kindly check here for your country, to know if you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. country specific websites.
  • Scholarship Deadline: Not fixed, as it varies from February to October every year, depending on the students’ country. Check here to know about your country’s deadline: Varies per countries

Criteria for Application:

  • ·      Application criterion is different for all students based on students’ country of origin.
  • ·     To know more about the criteria, and to check for the requirements to know if you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, check here for your country’s eligibility; country specific websites.

Scholarship Application Requirements:

  • ·       All applications are carried out online.
  • ·    Applicants are to submit their transcripts and certificates from their previous higher learning institution.  If you are in your final year and wish to apply for this scholarship, you can as well go ahead, as long as your degree or transcripts will be ready before applying for this scholarship.
  • ·      IELTS exams are not mandatory at the moment, but candidates will have to sit for the TOEFL exam when called for evaluation or an interrogation.
  • ·     Applicants are expected to also sit for a GRE, with a verbal score of not less than 138, and a quantitative score of not less than 136. Students can take the test more than one time and choose the best scores to present upon submission of the application.
  • ·   Before submitting the application forms, candidates are required to write essays (2). The application form carries spaces for that, which should not be less than eight hundred (800) words. The essay should be comprehensible and written in good English, to enable the Full Bright Scholarship panel to understand you very well.
  • ·    Three letters of recommendation are required from the applicants. The letters are to be written by the candidate’s two professional referees and one academic referee duly signed and stamped, before being forwarded online.
  • ·     Applicants’ résumé should also be attached along with other application requirements.
  • ·    Also, no money is required for the application for this scholarship, as this scholarship is done online and can be carried out in the applicants’ comfort zone.
  • ·    And lastly, after the completion and submission of your online scholarship application, your scholarship application will be reviewed by the scholarship panel. You will be called upon by the review team for an interrogation which will take place by October. The interrogation is carried out by a team of four-person, which usually takes about fifteen to thirty minutes.

Procedures for Application:

  • ·      All the necessary applications for this scholarship by International students are handled by United States embassies.
  • ·     Applicants may also apply for this scholarship program through the United States embassies in their country of residence or through Full Bright Foundations.
  • ·      Also do well to check for your country’s eligibility to know more about this scholarship.

For more information about the Full Bright Scholarship Program, visit the scholarship’s official page; Official Website

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